Background History


Rocawear Vice President Victor Azrak

Vice President Of Apple Bottoms – Victor Azrak

For over 15 years I have been selling, buying and trading businesses. Since becoming CEO & Vice President for Excel Corp, Apple Bottoms, and Numerous other companies, we have more than doubled as an industry leader in brand licensing with partners such as rocawear, tommy girl, baby phat, phat farm and many more.

With years of experience I’ve learned that businesses can fail, but people don’t have to. Through dedicated hard work and perseverance, I have overcome economy woes and managed to overcome some of my greatest challenges professionally and personally.

Loyalty and commitment are the two principle qualities I believe in. In the roles of CEO, Vice President, Investor for companies focused on licensing and merchandising, or stock investing, I commit 100% to my clients. You can see the proof for yourself in our bottom-line results.

Moving forward I’d like to known as an excellent investor, as well as mentor, partner and family man


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  1. Daniel Ferguson says:

    Insteresting To Know This. I have been looking for information like this, thank you my friend you saved me some time on google


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