Ruby Azrak Teams Up With NFL QB Micheal Vick

Ruby Azrak With Micheal Vick For Clothing Line Launch

Ruby Azrak, celebrity clothing-line mogul and CEO Of lifeguard licenses has partnered with New York Jet’s Quarterback Micheal Vick to launch a sports clothing line to be sold exclusively at Modell’s Sporting Goods According to Wall Street Journal.
The Brand will include sportswear such as t-shirts, athletic shorts, tanktops and performance wear. According to AP the suggested retail prices are $13 for children’s tops and $20 for adults (which really is not that bad considering most stores sell shirts at $25 & up).

We’ve been told that the brand will only be sold in Modell stores on the east coast of the United States (sucks for west coast fans).

We’re happy for Micheal Vick considering the strings of misfortune’s he has had since the dog fight incident. His return to his NFL Career started out well with a 10-6 season and a NFC East title in 2010, but since then he has been on a decline. Vick was plagued with injuries in his last year as a Philadelphia Eagles player and is now a back-up for a far-worse (IMHO) Geno Smith.

Do You think he deserves his own clothing line? if not, let us know why not in the comments below ->


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