10 things to know about apparel licensing

here are 10 tips everyone should know entering the field of brand licensing


1. It pays to think big picture
when you start any business you should always have the end-game in mind. it’s wise to envision what you want your business to look like down the line.

2. Look for longevity
Don’t let a broken economy get you down. Apparel brands that have survived economy woes are the ones who plan out what future generations are to wear.

3. Retail sales of licensed fashion goods have been up and down recently, and that’s ok.
Recent data shows things are expected to go up soon. so pay attention to the markets.

4. Get ready to create a lifestyle brand
Just think “Rocawear” “Tommy Girl” “Phat Farm”

5. Keep the quality
According to Licensing.org, “fashion licensing is meant to be invisible to the consumer, who is not to even consider that a third party licensee is making the products that carry the designers name.”

6. It’s all about timing
Knowing when to launch campaigns may be the key to your success. Pay attention to recent trends and upcoming launches you might have to compete with.

7. Don’t be afraid to go high-end
In less-than-stellar economic times, it can be tempting to think lean and mean. But there’s something to be said for those who have that muchconfidence in their product that they keep it priced at the premium level.

8. Do what you do best and license the rest


Read the entire article HERE


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